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Lego The Big Bang Theory

  • Oct 20, 2016
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Lego The Big Bang Theory

In the 21st episode of the third season "The Plimpton Stimulation", Howard mentions Leonard's hobby producing LEGO Movies with Stop Motion. We are a group of seven teenagers from Paderborn, Germany and this is our passion, too. With our movie we wanted to create a LEGO-homage to our favourite series and its very special characters. In order to achieve this, we built all the sets with LEGO and brought them to life with the suitable figures and by using the stop-motion-technique.

Lego Bismarck4:03

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Lego model of a cathedral5:32

Lego model of a cathedral

In this video we show you how we built a LEGO model of the cathedral of Paderborn.
We used more than 28,500 bricks for building the LEGO cathedral - including 5,000 roof tiles and 4,230 window bri...

Making of Lego Building a Cathedral2:41

Making of Lego Building a Cathedral

In this Making Of we show you how we retold the story about the building of the cathedral in Paderborn using LEGO bricks.

Many time lapses will give you an exclusive insight behind the scenes...

Lego Building a Cathedral4:50

Lego Building a Cathedral

In collaboration with the Archdiocese of Paderborn, we are telling the story about the construction of the cathedral in Paderborn to young and old people in our new short film. Regarding the 950th ann...

Lego Building a Cathedral | Teaser1:07

Lego Building a Cathedral | Teaser

On the occasion of the 950th anniversary of of the Imad Cathedral of Paderborn, we are rebuilding Paderborn's landmark out of many LEGO bricks.
In our film, which was created in cooperation with t...

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