7 friends from Paderborn

About us


Who are we?

We are seven friends, who really enjoy to produce LEGO-movies using the stop-motion-technique. The so-called brickmovies are made out of many single photos, which turn into a fluent sequence by showing them in a high framerate. With our brickmovies we already were successful at several competitions and were able to introduce ourselves on well-known fairs like the Photokina as well as in famous magazines.

Our Projects

Our projects range from the sinking of the Titanic, Star Wars, football, Minions and the sitcom "The Big Bang Theory".

To produce our films we use two DSLRs along with professional tripods and lightnings. For the post production we mainly use the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Newest movies

Our latest video is about the most famous agent of our time: James Bond. In our faithful movie 007 chases the criminals across the Alps and through a detailed LEGO-version of London.

Our TeamOverview

7 friends from Paderborn


Sebastian Brumby (23)

Postproduction and script


Timo Deutschmann (26)

public relations and technic


Moritz L├╝tke Westhues (21)

Set-construction and script


Luca Olszewski (22)

Set-construction and script


Tim Olszewski (26)

Set-construction and script


Ben Pleininger (22)

Set-construction and script


Julian Schlangenotto (23)

Camera and animation

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