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The Hundbrax-team consists out ouf seven teenagers, who really enjoy to produce LEGO-movies using the stop-motion-technique.

And the winner is..

And the winner is..

Yesterday was the last day to participate in our giveaway to get the chance of winning our LEGO Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter. We are happy, that there was such an awesome resonance and we want to thank you again for making our projects possible!

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Spring Festival 2020 | Lego-Edition

Since the health of all is the main priority, this year's spring festival cannot take place in the city centre of Paderborn.
For this reason, we unfortunately have to postpone the planned premiere of the new advertising film until next year.

In order to make the people of Paderborn happy during this time, we have decided together with the Werbegemeinschaft Paderborn to publish some excerpts already this year. Many thanks for the cooperation to the Werbegemeinschaft Paderborn and many thanks for the support to Martin Lausen of Radio Hochstift as well as the Paderborn music studio IMAscore.

We are looking forward to the Spring Festival taking place again next year as planned!


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