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Hundbrax LEGO Movies

Hundbrax LEGO MoviesYouTube-channel since 2013

The Hundbrax LEGO Movies are seven teenagers, who really enjoy to produce LEGO-movies using the stop-motion-technique.

Maker Faire OWL 2019

Maker Faire OWL 2019

We had a great weekend at the Maker Faire OWL!

Many thanks to everyone who visited our booth. :) We would also like to thank the Familie Osthushenrich-St...

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Latest YouTube-video

Lego model of a cathedral

In this video we show you how we built a LEGO model of the cathedral of Paderborn.
We used more than 28,500 bricks for building the LEGO cathedral - including 5,000 roof tiles and 4,230 window bricks. Numerous details such as gargoyles made of LEGO, battlements and small figures are decorating the facade.


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