Lego Bismarck

  • Jul 9, 2016
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Lego Bismarck

This is a video about the construction of the german battleship "Bismarck" with LEGO bricks. "Bismarck" hit "Hood" - the flagship of the Royal Navy - on her maiden voyage: The operation "Rheinübung".
This replica is built out of over 4,000 LEGO-bricks for a huge amount of details.

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Spring Festival 2020 | Lego-Edition0:45

Spring Festival 2020 | Lego-Edition

Since the health of all is the main priority, this year's spring festival cannot take place in the city centre of Paderborn.
For this reason, we unfortunately have to postpone the planned premiere...

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GIVEAWAY | Thanks for 20,000 subscribers 🍀🎉

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Making of Lego Paderborn City Hall

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Lego Paderborn City Hall2:42

Lego Paderborn City Hall

In cooperation with the town of Paderborn we modelled the centre of our town with the town hall. Our LEGO Town Hall consists of over 15,000 individual bricks and is almost one metre high on a scale of...

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